Why the reconstruction of an apartment with Rekolux? We're done in 30 days!

Apartment reconstruction or house reconstruction there is no honey. Especially if you pounce on it without experience and alone. You can consider moving out of the apartment and preparation as just a warm-up. Even the biggest do-it-yourselfers cannot do all the work themselves and have to seek the help of professional companies. Even so, arranging the reconstruction costs a lot of time and nerves.

We know from our own experience that finding certain types of craftsmen with a free term earlier than 6 months is almost unrealistic. Not to mention the increased financial cost of their services. In addition, you must constantly monitor the craftsmen and carefully check the results of their work.

However, you can easily save problems and complications by contacting the company offering complete reconstruction apartments from A to Z.

Rekolux construction company performs dozens of apartment renovations per year. We work quickly, in excellent quality and most importantly we will take care of everything for you.

Why choose us?

Flat reconstruction is one of our main activities. Thanks to extensive know-how, a well-coordinated team of employees and experience in solving various situations, we can easily handle practically anything.

Quality and speed of reconstruction

We work quickly and carefully. Reconstruction of a panel apartment it takes us about 30 days. The prefabricated building is an exposed building and long repairs are almost never without complaints from neighbors. We will save your costs and prevent unnecessary disputes with other residents of the house.

However, speed does not mean that we do the work with a hot needle. We give for all reconstructions 24 month warranty. Above all, we try to work well and flawlessly. In addition, for our peace of mind and our common well, we have adequate liability insurance.

One supplier for everything

We perform complete reconstructions. Since the signing of the contract, everything is up to us. We will provide the necessary experts, equipment and materials. We will also arrange the removal and safe storage of your furniture.

Exact budget and scope of work in the contract

We're fine. All works, services or materials are precisely enshrined in the contract. There is no risk of misunderstanding with RekoLux.

We have the reconstruction of the apartment under control together

He checks all our work professional construction supervision. We guarantee the uncompromising quality of our work. Of course, you can check everything in person at any time during the reconstruction.

We also continuously take photo documentation, which we share with the customer. You can keep an overview of the state of reconstruction even from a distance.

Reconstruction of all types of buildings

We perform apartment renovations in all types of buildings. It doesn't matter if it is a block of flats, a family house or an old tenement house. We also deal with the reconstruction of apartments in modern new buildings.

Are you interested in a really good reconstruction? Call Rekolux!

Author of the text - Stanislav Kupar