Quality sound insulation is a reliable and proven way to ensure pleasant comfort and undisturbed peace in your apartment or house.

Sound insulation of apartments

The specifics of life in a large metropolis have a negative impact on the overall state of man. It's not just that you have to absorb all sorts of loud sounds every day, such as the bustle of the city, the tinkling tram, the roaring subway, etc., but you often don't take a break from them at home. In this case, the only way to save it is to soundproof the apartment. The better quality it is, the more cozy and calmer you can feel at home.

What materials to soundproof

You can use a wide variety of materials to solve this problem. You can have 3 different roles, which are:

sound absorption (so-called isolators, which have a special sound-absorbing cell structure, their scattering and subsequent minimization)

sound repulsion (a repulsive barrier can reflect any noise just as a mirror reflects light).

Vibration damper (differs in structure and principle of operation, perfectly destroys all vibrations that generate a significant amount of noise)

Only and only a combination of these three types of airtight materials can guarantee you quality soundproofing of the apartment, at a favorable price.

Basic recommendations for soundproofing the apartment

To save budget, it is necessary to pay attention to a thoughtful selection of materials. Most of them will most likely be needed than they might seem at first. These are mainly adhesive bases, putty, plasterboard, metal profiles and many other auxiliary tools and consumables. You simply can't do without it.

If you have decided to perform soundproofing yourself, keep in mind that the final result may not be as effective without strict adherence to technology. Another negative is the loss of free usable space in the room due to the relatively large size of the soundproof "cake". 

Repairs in new buildings with the implementation of a noise insulation threshold are also a relatively common phenomenon. This is due to the fact that most developers offer future owners the opportunity to decide independently on all finishing materials.

If you have planned repairs, you will be faced with the question of how and where to store various things such as appliances, furniture, etc. There are several options to consider.

Where to put things during the complete reconstruction of the apartment

If you have a planned reconstruction of an apartment or house, then you will probably be faced with resolving the issue of storing various things such as appliances, furniture, etc. Therefore, several options are worth considering, which can be an ideal and compromise solution in such cases.

Start life anew, with a clean slate

It's no secret that renovation and reconstruction is a unique opportunity to start a "new life" or with a clean slate. It is definitely worth starting with a design project, thanks to which you can determine more precisely what will need to be moved and rebuilt. This makes it easier for you to find out what is redundant in the interior and what things you can definitely say goodbye to. Reconstruction as such is an ideal opportunity to get rid of unnecessary things, whether by donation or sale.

Possibility of compromise

The basic step is to protect furniture, appliances and other things with quality packaging material, ideally in several layers. Use foil, bags first and then the boxes. It is important to achieve maximum tightness. The place of storage must be agreed with the contractor. If you do the repairs yourself, then it is worth starting all the procedures in such a room where you can store all the things in the future. The room should also be well insulated from the rest of the apartment. This is necessary so that the rubble does not fall into open areas.

If the apartment only goes through cosmetic repairs, things can simply be taken to another room. The furniture can then only be moved to the center of the room or to a distant corner. 

Ideal option - transfer to another place

The possibility of transporting all furniture, appliances and other things seems to be an ideal option. A temporary warehouse or room rented exclusively for this occasion (apartment, room or non-residential space) will serve such a purpose. Ideally, it should be a space in close proximity to a renovated apartment. The list of services of these companies usually includes packaging, loading and unloading as well as transportation of goods. However, the disadvantage is certain additional costs. When renting space, the advantage is savings on transport and storage, the disadvantage may be insufficient security.

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