Real experience: a cheap craftsman in Prague is more expensive than a solid construction company

Finding quality craftsmen is not an easy task. For larger orders, such as
flat reconstruction, this is doubly true. You will wait at least a few weeks, often months!
But by far the biggest dissatisfaction with customers does not bring long waiting times. Far worse
there are shortcomings in the quality of work and especially underestimated budgets. Lots of craftsmen
advertises dumped prices that incumbents can hardly compete with. Expectations here
however, it encounters a harsh reality.

Advance advance and budget increase

A frequent distinguishing feature of not very well-established companies is the requirement for a high deposit. Often
You must pay at least 50% contract price in advance. That's a fairly large amount. Firm
yet she had not yet begun work.
In addition, the advantageous initial offer is suddenly significantly more expensive during the work
various overpayments. With an excavated apartment, you can hardly end the contract in
half. All that remains is to take more money and pay. Success can be considered though
an unreliable craftsman will complete the order in the required quality at all, even at a significantly higher price

A seemingly more expensive company can come out cheaper

How is it possible that the initial calculations and final costs differ so much for many craftsmen?
It is a widespread unprofessionalism in negotiating contracts or trying to secure a job for
any price (literally). Thanks to coronavirus, many new ones have appeared on the market at once
tradesmen and companies. Their qualifications and experience with professional work are different.
However, what unites a large part of them is the unclear procedure for calculating the contract. Without long-term
practical experience, it is difficult to evaluate the basic two parameters, which are time
work complexity and material requirements. These differ not only according to the scope of the contract but
for example, depending on the type or age of the building.
As a result, an order with cheaper craftsmen can become more expensive in time and money.
Both are annoying and cause a number of complications.
Our company also has its experience with this, as some messed up competitive orders
we save in the end. And believe us, repairing many unprofessional interventions is ultimately more expensive than paying for an experienced company that manages its work on the first try.

The exact budget of works and materials is not sci-fi

The Czech customer almost got used to the possibility of a budget for construction work and renovations
can be fixed in advance. Price increases are automatically taken for granted,
which is even taken into account.
RekoLux is one of the few companies to do the exact opposite.
We create budgets so that the risk of cost overruns is minimal. How can we guarantee this?
We have relatively extensive experience with reconstructions, building modifications and others
types of work on all types of buildings in Prague and its surroundings.
In addition, our team consists of specialists in all types of crafts. Thanks to that, we can
evaluate the overall aspects that affect the contract price. We close with each customer
a contract which includes a precise draft budget including:
● Scope and time required
● Required material

With Rekolux you know exactly what you are paying for. No deposits and overpayments

Thanks to the contract, you will know exactly what actions you are paying for and how long it will take us
last. We will describe all works and materials accurately and clearly, including specific prices. AND
we do not even require any deposit in advance!
At the same time, RekoLux will arrange and arrange everything you need - from craftsmen to the material and its
transport to the place. The moment we sign the contract, everything is our concern.
We will come to you on the agreed date, we will do quality work without unnecessary downtime
we hand over the finished work for use in time. At the same time, the course of work is closely monitored by our professional
construction supervision.
In addition, for your personal control, we will provide photo documentation of all actions so that you are perfect
an overview of what is happening in your property. All this at pre-agreed costs and deadlines
execution of the contract.

We will create a budget for your order without obligation!

Are you interested in our offer? We create the item budget completely non-binding for everyone
interested. Arrange a consultation and budget creation with us for FREE!

Author of the text - Stanislav Kupar