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    This involves the completion of the construction work from the initial planning, design of works, assembly, removal of construction waste to the handover of the finished work to the investor - customer.
    The scope of work performed, conditions and deadlines are agreed between the customer and the contractor and are contained in the contract, which is signed by both parties. In Prague, our company can become such a contractor and, above all, a guarantor of quality work.

    There is work to change the interior without any intervention in the load-bearing structures and includes: dismantling of old floor coverings, wallpaper and tiling, cleaning and leveling surfaces, selection of materials, wall painting or wallpapering, tiling, installation of interior doors, replacement of sockets and switches.

    There is a whole cycle of repairs and construction work, which begins with a change in the layout or installation of the partitions and ends with their completion. In addition to the above, it includes: self-leveling screed equipment, laying floor coverings, installation of warm floors, soundproof rooms, complete replacement of all roads, electrical work. The duration and total cost of the arrangement process directly depends on the type of repair the client chooses.

    The developer usually gives the buyer a "concrete box", ie a room with the simplest rough surface or none at all. Putting it to life will require considerable effort. The most pleasant element of an apartment in a new building is that after delivery, the house is subject to shrinkage for some time.
    The walls may move slightly with each other. It is important that no cracks appear in the renovated rooms. This is avoided by competent craftsmen and correctly selected high-quality building materials. Sometimes the client does not like the "native" or original layout, so he has to break the walls and build new ones. The event is severe, dusty and requires compliance with SNIP. Therefore, it is better to entrust everything to a professional supplier.
    A professional consultant will come to the building and perform its technical analysis. Experts will prepare a project proposal for the premises and make a financial estimate. The Contractor and the Customer enter into a contract under agreed conditions. The necessary materials are selected. The masters carry out repair work at the facility, then remove the construction waste and carry out the cleaning. They hand over the renovated premises to the client.
    The easiest way to save money is to entrust the whole complex of work to one company. Cooperation with our company is an excellent choice for Prague and its surroundings. We provide quality repairs at attractive prices, we provide discounts, including a 2-year warranty. When ordering a reconstruction from us, you have a guarantee of quality work. On the website you can view photos of finished objects and customer reviews.

    We invite you to the facilities that have passed through our team of experts and see for yourself.


    Satisfied customers are our priority. You can find more reviews of Rekolux on our Facebook and Google pages.

    Valentina Viviani
    Valentina Viviani
    12:48 09 Dec 21
    I would like to recommend RekoLux for the reconstruction of apartments or houses. The RekoLux company has been quite accommodating to us in everything... everything we agreed on was the way it was. Since we were worried about our future housing, we also had our construction supervision, which was no obstacle for the company, on the contrary, they were happy. The reconstruction was carried out on time according to the contract and our construction supervisor said: "I would like to complain to them but I have nothing ..." for which we were very happy. There was a very nice and pleasant cooperation with RekoLux. I would say that even at today's price ratios, they are one of the cheaper ones and the quality is still at a high level. Highly recommended.read more
    Petr Hodonský
    Petr Hodonský
    22:07 22 Sep 21
    We have excellent experience with Rekolux. They reconstructed our units for rent and did an excellent job there.... Communication was smooth, Mr. Kupar was always on reception and willing to advise and help us. The construction work went according to plan, the time and price assumptions were met and any sudden extra work with us was properly consulted and managed without any problems. . Thank you :)read more
    Pali Baran
    Pali Baran
    14:04 29 May 21
    The director responded to our public demand, he was interested in the reconstruction. During a personal meeting and inspection of the apartment at... asked for free capacity, he said that if they did not have free capacity, he would not come. The negotiations took place by default, ending with the sending of a draft budget by the middle of next week. Then I sent 2 emails specifying the documents for creating a price offer, without response. At the end of the period, the director sent an email that in the meantime he had confirmed 2 other contracts, signed contracts and min. they are occupied for the next 2 months. Therefore, he wanted to ask if we still wanted to process a quote. I confirmed that I still want the offer, the reconstruction has already shifted significantly for us due to the covid, etc. It may happen that something similar will happen even now. Since then, no reaction. Complete reconstruction also means the need for trust between the customer and the supplier. How can one be trusted who either promises recklessly and has trouble delivering, or worse, does not purposefully tell the truth? The first warning signal was actually the first contact. The director sent an email that he was very interested in the reconstruction, but that he unfortunately did not call me, so he writes an email. He did not call me, the number was stated correctly in the request, because the other suppliers called. The second warning signal when the capacity says that otherwise he would not be on the inspection, and after a few days suddenly has confirmed orders and even signed contracts. At that time, it had to be in the phase of negotiations on contracts and a price offer had to be prepared, assessment of draft contracts, etc., so it was enough to say on the inspection that they are just before concluding two contracts which if someone asks if he should prepare a price offer and then no longer responds, how reliable would he be in the contract? Either I don't offer something I don't want to do, or I don't have the capacity for, or if I offer it, I'll do it. As in one reference a satisfied customer says that this is a company with a "German" level of conduct and service, I probably have fundamentally different criteria for assessing the level of conduct or other experience with German suppliers. Maybe they do a great job and maybe we were an unfortunate exception. However, our experience turned out, as I described above, and in my opinion it was not a professional approach. Two stars, for a way of presenting your own work and a meeting.read more
    Jan Svoboda
    Jan Svoboda
    09:43 22 Apr 21
    Absolutely professionals, after a fresh experience I can recommend RekoLux. High - quality reconstruction in... maximum time used. The company did not prolong anything unnecessarily and in my opinion it worked very efficiently. Mr. Kupar always had everything well organized. Mr. Kupar's employees are polite and always nice, it was never a problem to come to an unannounced visit, the employees always explained everything clearly, recommended alternatives and, most importantly, pointed out the shortcomings, which they fixed after the agreement. I was also very pleasantly surprised by the price. 🙂read more
    Marek Dostal
    Marek Dostal
    09:38 17 Feb 21
    Complete reconstruction of the First Republic apartment (100+ m2): + Excellent communication during the preparation and implementation of the construction... (immediate response to requests, sending photos and videos from the construction, consultations) + active cooperation with technical supervision and the investor + the company manages to deliver a complete solution for major reconstruction (demolition work, electricity and heat distribution, waste, thermal insulation, noise insulation, ceiling stucco, floor, tiles, in short everything) + favorable price + I recommendread more
    Jan MAURIC
    Jan MAURIC
    18:36 22 Jan 21
    I like to add reliability, solidity, accuracy and a reasonable price to the customer for the above evaluation... also the new wishes created during the reconstruction process, I can only and only warmly recommend, you will not experience any disappointment. Jan and Valéria Maurici in Pragueread more
    Ludvik Flajshans
    Ludvik Flajshans
    11:46 15 Oct 20
    I ordered Rekolux for the reconstruction of the bathroom and toilet, from the beginning everything ran as it should, what we agreed on was true.... Work done well and in compliance with the price agreed at the beginning. Then, when the carpenters accidentally hit the water pipe while drilling the shelves, it was repaired the next day. I recommend the company.read more
    David Rubinos
    David Rubinos
    08:00 14 Jul 20
    I would highly recommend Rekolux to anyone looking for a renovation company. They did extensive work in our apartment... (electricity, water pipes, walls, bathrooms, etc.) And all this was of top quality. They have high standards and pride in the work they do ... and it shows that when you look at the end result. In addition to having a unique approach to customer service and a strong emphasis on ensuring seamless communication, they are always open to suggestions while offering their own if you are unsure of what to do. Overall, the reconstruction work becomes a pleasant experience !!!read more
    Dana Barnett
    Dana Barnett
    08:28 26 Dec 19
    Absolutely sensational collaboration with Rekolux. Smooth course of the whole reconstruction of my house. Everything from day one to last... it took place on time and exactly as promised. The communication with Mr. Kupar was great, even though I lived overseas the whole house, Mr. Kupar was always willing to help, explain and when it was necessary to go for something extra. I can't praise this conversion and I recommend 100% Rekolux for your conversion or reconstruction.read more
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