Well-done work and customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are therefore sure that we are really improving this world.

Stanislav Kupar, Managing Director REKOLUX STAV sro

About us - RekoLux STAV sro

Reconstruction in LUX quality

After many years of experience in the field of construction, we have created a group of professionals and decided to repair what is broken and to improve what is obsolete.

Thus, in 2016, the REKOLUX brand was established and in 2019, the company REKOLUX STAV sro was subsequently registered.

We provide complete reconstruction of apartments and houses in Prague and the surrounding area. We offer both full and partial service of services related to reconstruction. For more demanding reconstructions and reconstructions, we will ensure the cooperation of the architect, project documentation, static assessment and take over all legislation.

Our craftsmen have many years of experience in the field, in various countries of the European Union. The quality of craftsmen's work, the building materials used and the satisfaction of our customers are our top priority. We will document the entire course of construction or reconstruction, explain every step we take and always offer the best possible solution, all when communicating with you through your favorite application.

About us - RekoLux STAV sro

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