Help before reconstruction apartment or house

You have a plan reconstruction of an apartment or house? Find out what to focus on and what to pay attention to, so that everything goes as smoothly as possible and according to your ideas.

Reconstruction of apartments and houses

Based on our own experience, we will provide you with information on the reconstruction of apartments and houses below. Although designers are involved in the renovation itself, it is desirable to pay attention to some specific things.

The beginning of the reconstruction itself

We recommend that you first find the technical components of the building, such as water pipes, sewers and electrical wiring. Also take into account the orientation of the apartment or house to avoid improper placement of furniture with regard to sunny and shady places. In case some walls are to be demolished, it is important to know which is load-bearing. Furthermore, where the main risers will be in the walls.

Wiring and walls

It often happens that the electrical installation cannot interfere with the panel ceiling structures due to statics. This can be solved with plasterboard ceiling. This makes cable management easier, less chopping work and a clear straight view. The disadvantage is that the height of the room itself is reduced by about 7 cm. Many times we encounter the desire to preserve the existing appearance of the walls. But then it happens that after making the floor and installing the furniture, unevenness can be seen. Therefore, before the reconstruction itself, we recommend leveling the walls. Without the use of reinforcement fabric (so-called pearls), unwanted cracks may appear on the walls over time. For extensive reconstruction, we therefore recommend bead reinforcement.

Laying floors

First of all, it is necessary to disassemble all floors and find out whether the substrate is flat and at the same height. For beam floors, it is necessary to check the condition. Subsequently, it is possible to decide on a suitable preparation of the substrate. Keep in mind when choosing that price is not the most important thing. The color and texture of the floor play a big role in terms of practicality. There are colors in which dirt is very visible or may settle in the joints. For wooden floors, pay attention to wide joints, which will soon get dirt and are then very visible. The height of the door will then depend on the height of the finished floor.

Bathroom equipment

Always choose bathroom equipment, tiling and paving with your heart so that you can be thrilled by its appearance every time you enter it. The choice of furnishing items from abroad can lead to time delays in delivery.

Replacement of new windows or rather renovation?

In the case of casement windows, it is cheaper to renovate old windows than to replace them with new ones. However, the decision must be made after a thorough evaluation by an expert. Plastic windows should be checked for correctness and quality of installation and adjusted if necessary.

Author of the text - Stanislav Kupar