Description of the implemented reconstruction of Květolářství COOLFLOWERS

We started the reconstruction of a commercial and at the same time design building by removing unnecessary furniture and cutting down old shelves for storage space. Subsequently, we had to remove the old, moisture-soaked plaster. After cleaning the brick joints, we treated the masonry with an anti-mold agent. Subsequently, we applied a new renovation plaster to the masonry. Rabbi mesh was used to reinforce the masonry. After the plasters had dried properly, a reinforcing fabric called cracking anti-cracking was applied to the masonry. Subsequently, we applied 2 coats of smooth trowel to the wall, which was perfectly sanded smooth before painting.

Reconstruction in numbers

m² Flat area
days, implementation time

    As a final coating, we used the waterproof and abrasion-resistant paint PRIMALEX ESSENCE.

    In the reconstructed space, we adjusted the layout of electrical installations, water and waste according to the architects' requirements.

    The biggest challenge for us was to make a perfect and quality floor without unnecessary costs for the investor. It was necessary to sand the existing concrete floor with a brush, then paint it with epoxy paint TEMACOAT RM40. After 3 coats of paint we got an excellent result.

    Subsequently, fixtures, sockets and lighting fixtures were assembled. Furniture and tables were made to measure through subcontractors. We handed over the reconstruction of the commercial building in 45 days.

    DO_STUDIO Architect project

    Investor COOLFLOWERS

    Realization REKOLUX STAV sro

    Author: Stanislav KUPAR

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