Masonry work

Masonry work

When reconstructing apartments in Prague, partitions or relocation of walls are sometimes required. Firm RekoLux can arrange the complete construction of new partitions and walls for you, including the necessary permits. Moving non-load-bearing partitions that do not interfere with load-bearing walls does not require special authorization, but their modification always requires planning, including architectural work and building permits. Our company deals not only with the reconstruction of apartments, but also with the construction of new houses. As a material for new walls, you can choose classic solid bricks, Porotherm bricks, or Ytong blocks. For strengthening, leveling and finishing, we coat the walls with a layer of glue with a bead. You can also choose from a selection of final wall finishes plaster, maleb or wallpapering.

Masonry can include the following work:

  • Demolition work, dismantling of old partitions and non-load-bearing walls
  • Leveling the foundation under the wall
  • Brick walls, perimeter, solid
  • The masonry of the ytong block
  • Masonry made of glass luxfer, including grouting
  • Installation of ytong, reinforced concrete lintel
  • Bathtub walling and lining
  • Stretching the wall with bead glue

Photographs of realization on objects

Here you can see pictures taken during the masonry work

Average prices for complete works

Prices perací they are calculated in average rates during complete reconstructionand apartment. Price does not include material.

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