Service description

During the reconstructionand beat in Prague, the company RekoLux offers and finalch adjustmentsah and wallpapering walls. Before starting workE it is necessary to prepare the walls, align and seal all the holes and cracks, and finally the walls treat by penetration i for betterand color adhesion. Sometimes it is also need to stretch a thin layer of plaster trowel. For wallpaperingyes you are can be selected from  paper, vinyl or textile wallpaper. Wallpapers can býtv the simplest variant without pattern, when is wallpaper consumption optimal, for wallpaper with a pattern is consumption always higher and gluedand more difficult.

Services related to this service include the following work:

  • Scraping old paintings or wallpaper on the wall and ceiling
  • Sanding new stucco
  • Full-area degreasing
  • Penetration of the wall and ceiling with a roller or brush
  • Wallpapering paper, vinyl or textile wallpaper with and without a pattern

Photographs of realization on objects

Here you can see the pictures taken during the wallpapering 

Average prices for complete work sets

Labor prices for the complete reconstruction of the apartment. The price includes the work itself without material.

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