Laying and repair of floor coverings

RekoLux provides professional laying of all thesepat floors as part of the final works during reconstructionand beat in Prague. We will advise you what types of floors are the most suitable for your premises, we will help You soE order conveniently material with a discount from our selected suppliers, we provide also transportat materials. Completely prepare the substrate according to the needs of the apartment, laying of selected floors, and completion including cleaning. As next possibility of renovation of parquet.

The laying of floor coverings includes the following works:

  • Dismantling of old floors
  • Machine grinding and primer penetration under self-leveling screed
  • Leveling the substrate with a self-leveling screed
  • Leveling of the OSB base with the subfloor
  • Laying of mirello mats, extruded polystyrene mats, vapor-proof foils including glue
  • Laying laminate or wood floating floor (with lock or glued edges)
  • Laying solid floors, parquet and friezes
  • Laying carpets, PVC, cork floors
  • Parquet sanding, parquet sealing, parquet painting
  • Installation of skirting boards plastic, metal, wood, MDF

Photographs of realization on objects

Here you can see pictures taken during the installation of floors

Average prices for complete work sets

Labor prices are based on calculations, in the complete reconstruction of the apartment. Price includes work without material.

If you have any questions about the renovation?

We will provide you with a free professional consultation and you will receive answers regarding this service, price adjustments according to your needs, discounts on materials, furniture and appliances at our partners, as well as available implementation deadlines for the apartment of your dreams.

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