Tiling work

To ensure quality laying of tiles and paving, it is necessary to prepare the walls so that they are straight and without defects (defects could affect the appearance of the final work). The actual laying of tiling and paving is not complicated if it is in a standard size. For non-standard paving and tiling, such as mosaics or ceramics or marble, our professionals are all the more important, as any inappropriate defects in the result are very visible.


Tiling includes the following work:

  • Disassembly of old cladding and stucco
  • Substrate preparation, wall leveling and penetration
  • Tile measurement and pattern planning according to designs
  • Tiling the walls and laying tiles in the bathroom or kitchen
  • Solutions for tiling atypical places in the bathroom or kitchen
  • Grouting of paving and tiling and their final cleaning
  • Silicone corner and other places as needed
  • Installation of fixtures

Photographs of realization on objects

Here you can see the pictures taken during the tiling work

Average prices for a complete set of works

Prices are indicative only calculated from average calculations necessary work, during the complete reconstruction of the apartment. Price does not include material.

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