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When reconstructing an apartment in Prague, RekoLux offers and recommends that you always start designing. Design at first glance seems like an unnecessary waste of money, but in the end will help you avoid disappointment in the result, you do not have to remodel everything due to poorly selected materials or imprecise description of the assignment. RekoLux works with professional designers with a choice of tastes who can create your dream visualization.

The design service may include the following:

  • Consultation and technical description of the task
  • Layout, floor plan
  • 3D visualization of the developed floor plan using simple shapes represented only by lines
  • 3D visualization to the elaborated floor plan using real shapes and colors
  • Plotting the electrical installation into a floor plan
  • Drawing of 3D joints of tiles
  • Preparation of kitchen cabinets
  • Design including detailed 3D visualization

Photographs of realization on objects

Here you can see the design and photo designs taken during the work

Average prices for complete work sets

Prices of labor are only approximate, in the complete reconstruction of the apartment. Price includes work only.

If you have any questions about the renovation?

We will provide you with a free professional consultation and you will receive answers regarding this service, price adjustments according to your needs, discounts on materials, furniture and appliances at our partners, as well as available implementation deadlines for the apartment of your dreams.

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Our consultants will contact you within an hour to discuss the details of the renovation and to arrange a meeting with you.

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