When completely reconstructing turnkey flats in older flats of houses and buildings, it is necessary to check all wiring and wiring and, if necessary, to replace them together with the installation of a new switchboard, so as to ensure normal and safe running of all connected electrical components and appliances. If new ones were being built walls or partitions, RekoLux will provide you with new cable distribution and installation of sockets and switches. In case of interest, we can also offer a part of a smart house.

The electrical installation includes the following works:

  • Cutting braces, pockets for the cabinet, roll out the pocket for the box
  • Pulling the cable, ground wire, coaxial cable
  • Installation of the cabinet in the wall
  • Circuit breaker, main switch in the switchboard connection
  • Installation of boxes, sockets, switches 
  • Fixing, assembly and connection of luminaires
  • Wiring hood, fan, electric hob, oven, boiler
  • Revision wiring apartment, electrical appliances
  • Dismantling of old wiring

Photographs of realization on objects

Here you can see the pictures taken during the electrical installation work

Average prices for complete works


Prices of labor are only approximate, and during the complete reconstruction of the apartment. Price includes standard amount of materials needed.

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