Communication with RekoLux is excellent. The company provided us with a complete reconstruction, which took place without serious problems, of course, as is the case with a complete reconstruction, some details occurred. Thanks to the approach, helpfulness, everything was solved and I can definitely only recommend the company. In case of further need, I will clearly contact RekoLux. Novel

Roman Š.

I can only recommend Rekolux. Very pleasant and professional dealings with Mr. owner. Everything went without a problem and in time. Thank you for your cooperation.

Joanna N.

I would like to highly recommend Rekolux to anyone looking for a reconstruction company. They did extensive work in our apartment (electricity, water pipes, walls, bathrooms, etc.) and it was all tip-top quality. They have high standards and pride themselves in the work they do…and it shows when you look at the end result. Besides […]

David R.

It has a popular collaboration with Rekolux when you want a quality solution down to the last detail. Great communication and reliability. I recommend!!

Marketa B.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I turned to this company three times and the reconstruction was always at a high level. If I wake up in the morning and want another reconstruction, it is the first company that comes to mind. And that is a success. Thank you!

Anna K.

💯 I recommend Absolute satisfaction, quality work, the set price has not changed, everything went according to plan and this also applies to work attendance.

Olga Ž.

I chose Rekolux out of sheer luck when I was looking for a construction company to help me with my new bathroom project. After I submitted my application to their website, the company responded within 1 day. In a few days they provided an estimate of the work and within 1 week we signed a contract. They started working on time as promised and delivered it, [[]

Olivier N.

I came to this company by accident, I risked it without any personal recommendations, and I couldn't do better. The reconstruction of our entire apartment went absolutely perfectly, it was not a problem that I was abroad the whole time. The company communicates well, I always knew everything, and when an unexpected problem came up (and in the old […]

Martina H.

Vše proběhlo včas bez problémů a bez navyšování rozpočtu.Kdybych se nemusel stěhovat,tak bych ani nevěděl že nějaká rekonstrukce proběhla 🙂 . Byt mám velmi hezky a moderně zrekonstruovaný. Díky moc.

Robert N.

The work is done well and on time. I am 100% satisfied. No nerves. The boys secured everything. I have my full confidence.

Liubov L.

Very nice work

Branko F.

REKOLUX jsem našla na internetu, když jsem hledala stavební firmu na rekonstrukci koupelny a wc v bytě. A dopadlo to na výbornou. Rekonstrukce probíhala hladce, od pana Kupara jsem vždy znala aktuální stav, i co a kdy mě ještě čeká, když se objevilo něco nečekaného, vyšel vstříc a aktivně pomáhal řešit potíže. Příjemné a profesionální […]

Marcela F

Everything went as agreed

Jana K.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Absolutely sensational cooperation with Rekolux. Smooth course of the whole reconstruction of my house. From the first day to the last, everything went on time and exactly as promised. The communication with Mr. Kupar was great, even though I lived overseas the whole house, Mr. Kupar was always willing to help, explain and when it was necessary to drive […]

Dana B.

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