Family house Postřižín

Jun 23, 2020


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Description of the reconstruction of the apartment

In the spring of 2020, we began finishing work on a terraced two-storey family house in Postřižín near Prague. We took over the family house with an area of 112m² as a rough construction, which consists of perimeter walls, concrete stairs, an uninsulated roof, and a well-established media.

We distributed floor heating throughout the ground floor, laid water and waste distribution in two bathrooms, spread electrical wiring throughout the house and the garden.

They built partitions according to the project, installed thermal insulation in the attic, installed flat and sloping plasterboard ceilings in the attic.

All over the house, on a rough wall, we applied plaster and leveled all the walls to the right angle, reinforced all the walls with a bead, troweled with a smooth trowel, plasterboard boxes.

We lined both bathrooms and installed all equipment, including concealed flushing systems and bathroom furniture.

Vinyl Click Clack floor coverings were laid on the floors.

Photographs of the reconstruction of a family house

The course of work and the result of the reconstruction of a family house

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