Complete reconstruction of apartments and houses in Prague and surroundings

We do everything possible to make you feel happy at home

We start without advances and finish without extra charges

Discount up to 30% on equipment from suppliers


Work by term and contractual conditions

We will supply all necessary material and equipment

Order expert consultation, measurement and budget for free

Why choose us?

Preparation of reconstruction budget free of charge

For our price we guarantee, that is, we don't underestimate the budget, so you always know exactly how much you pay for our services.


Up to 24 months warranty

Before the reconstruction we conclude a contract in which the conditions, prices and deadlines are clearly stated. Then we can start immediately.

Works carried out under constant control

The quality of work is checked by the construction supervisor, it also takes a photo and communicated it with you so that you can monitor the progress from a distance.

Reconstruction of the apartment in panlak in 30 days

We are able to reconstruct your apartment with an area of up to 80 m² and prepare it for moving in 30 days.


Satisfied customers are our priority. You can find more reviews of Rekolux on our facebook page.

  • positive review  Communication with RekoLux is excellent. The company provided us with an overall reconstruction, which took place without serious problems, of course, as is the case with a complete reconstruction, some details have occurred. Thanks to the approach, helpfulness everything has been solved and I can only recommend the company. In case of further need, I will clearly contact RekoLux. Novel

    Roman Šnegoň Avatar Roman Šnegoň
    3. 1. 2020

    positive review  I chose Rekolux out of pure happiness when I was looking for a construction company to help me with my new bathroom project. After I submitted my application to their website, the business responded within 1 day. In a few days they provided an estimate of the work and within 1 week we signed the contract. They started work on time as promised and delivered what was agreed and to the required level of quality. I particularly appreciated the open and honest communication throughout the project and the fact that they were flexible and tried to find solutions if necessary. I felt like a respected and respected customer. I was very satisfied with the result, I highly recommend this company for your construction project. "Thank you for your cooperation.

    Olivier Nava Avatar Olivier Nava
    27. 10. 2019

    positive review  My favorite collaboration with Rekolux is when you want a quality solution down to the last detail. Great communication and reliability. I recommend!!

    Marketa Balinova Avatar Marketa Balinova
    28. 7. 2019
  • positive review  I can only recommend Rekolux. Very pleasant and professional dealings with Mr. owner. Everything went without a problem and in time. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Joanna Nadszyszkowniková Avatar Joanna Nadszyszkowniková
    17. 7. 2019

    positive review  Everything went on time without problems and without increasing the budget. If I did not have to move, so I would not even know that any reconstruction took place 🙂. I have a very nice and modern reconstructed.

    Robert Nevima Avatar Robert Nevima
    6. 11. 2018

    5 star review  Very nice work

    Branko Fronko Avatar Branko Fronko
    15. 6. 2018
  • 5 star review  I came to this business by accident, I risked it without some personal recommendations, and I couldn't do better. Reconstruction of our apartment was absolutely perfect, there was no problem that I was abroad all the time. The company communicates perfectly, I always knew everything, and when there was an unexpected problem (and in old houses there are always some), everything was explained to me and the most feasible solution was offered. May all construction companies work like this. Thank you so much! 🙂

    Martina Houdková Avatar Martina Houdková
    6. 6. 2018

    5 star review  Everything went as agreed

    Jana Kloučková Kalasova Avatar Jana Klouckova Kalasova
    5. 6. 2018

    5 star review  I turned to this company three times and the reconstruction was always of a high standard. If I wake up in the morning and want another refurbishment, this is the first company I can think of. And that is success. Thank you!

    Anna Kononova Avatar Anna Kononova
    31. 5. 2018
  • 5 star review  Absolute satisfaction, quality work, set price has not changed, everything went according to plan and this also applies to work attendance.

    Olga Žďárská Avatar Olga Žďárská
    30. 5. 2018

    5 star review  Work done well and on time. I have 100% satisfaction. The boys ensured everything. I have my full confidence.

    Liubov Liubov Avatar Liubov Liubov
    29. 5. 2018

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Order expert consultation, measurement and budget for free

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